Canadian Property Inspections Ltd. offers investigative home inspection services to Calgary and the surrounding regions, including many local rural communities. We pride ourselves on performing honest, first-rate home inspections that catch what others may miss—imparting you with the depth of knowledge needed to make a confident and protected investment.

We adhere to APHIS’s rigorous Standard of Practice.

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Buyer’s Inspection

A Buyer’s Inspection is a thorough, non-invasive evaluation of a residential property. We examine most visible and readily accessible systems and components. A comprehensive inspection report will be returned to you within 24 hours, often before we leave the property.

We inspect these components:

Roofing System

Structural Components

Foundation & Crawl Spaces


Fireplace & Chimney

Garage & Carport

Driveways & Walkways



(doors, windows, cladding, fascias, soffits)

(doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)

Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation

Heating & Cooling Systems

Electrical System

Plumbing System

Built-in Appliances

Thermal Imaging Camera for Home Inspection Services

A FREE thermal imaging scan is included with a complete inspection. Issues discovered during the scan will be fully documented in your inspection report.

Additional Services

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection provides extra assurance for individuals attempting to sell a home with minimal setbacks. Before the listing for the home is published, we’ll conduct a full-scale evaluation of the property. Our findings will help to steer you in the right direction by revealing potential problem areas that will require either your attention or that of a prospective buyer. 

New Construction Inspection

For this inspection service, we’ll analyze the condition of  the home as it enters its final phase of construction, prior to the builder’s final walkthrough. We’ll carefully investigate the entire structure and any installed systems to diagnose potential issues that you’ll want to have the builders correct before your move-in date.

New Construction Phase Inspections

This inspection service will be conducted at three different phases of construction on a new home. First, we’ll assess the condition of the property as soon as framing is completed. We’ll then return for a second inspection once the basic mechanical services have been installed prior to drywall installation—and then we’ll come back one final time before the final walkthrough.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

If your new home is packaged with a 1-year warranty from the builder, then you need to schedule this inspection service before that first year has come and gone. We’ll thoroughly assess the condition of your home’s readily accessible and visible components, informing you of our findings within 24 hours. Depending on the nature of a deficiency, your warranty may prevent you from having to pay the full cost of recommended repair or replacement.

Loan Draw Inspection

This inspection service can be an enormous asset when you’re trying to ensure that construction on a home proceeds as planned and without significant interruption. We’ll begin by studying the original loan agreement that was agreed upon between the builders and the lender. We’ll then assess the property at several different times to take inventory of the materials stored on site and to ensure that terms aren’t being violated.


Re-Inspections are a follow-up inspection service that will allow you to breathe more easily as you move closer to finalizing a home purchase. When our initial inspection brings your attention to deficient areas of the property, we can return to the property at a later date once those issues have been resolved—taking a second look to ensure that no further repairs need to be arranged.

Radon Testing

Radon hotspots are popping up all over Calgary and the surrounding areas, meaning that it’s a good idea to schedule this service to ensure that your prospective home hasn’t trapped dangerous levels of this deadly, cancer-causing gas. We’re able to perform both short-term and long-term radon testing services. The short-term test will indicate whether or not radon is present so that you’re aware before a real estate transaction takes place; the long-term test (3 months minimum) will be required if you want to know whether or not radon mitigation will be required.

Air Quality Testing

A closed-off space such as a home, even when adequately ventilated, can still harbor airborne contaminants which can affect the health of residents. For this inspection service, we’ll collect an air sample from the home to have tested for mold allergens, asbestos, and other harmful contaminants.

Sewer Scope Inspections

A Sewer Scope Inspection is a smart bet for every prospective home buyer. Using a specialized camera, we’ll evaluate the condition of a home’s sewer system and mechanical features to check for damage, blockage, or other issues that could prove to be costly if they’re not taken care of before you close on the home.

Commercial Property Inspection

This inspection service is designed to comprehensively evaluate the condition of a commercial property. We’re able to perform the inspection for most light commercial buildings, including storefronts, small warehouses, and strip malls. A full inspection report will be provided that details any deficient areas that we discovered. 


At Canadian Property Inspections Ltd., the old adage “honesty is the best policy” rings true every single day.

No matter what is revealed during a home inspection, we’ll make sure that you get the full story so that you’re prepared to make an informed buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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